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About Abendmusik

New York's Period Instrument String Band™

Artists 2023-2024

Vita Wallace, violin
Claire Smith Bermingham, violin
Lawrence Lipnik, viola da gamba*
Rosamund Morley, viola da gamba
Patricia Ann Neely, viola da gamba, violone*
Dan McCarthy, viola da gamba, tenor viola
Mary Springfels, viola da gamba
Arnie Tanimoto, viola da gamba
John Mark Rozendaal viola da gamba
Richard Kolb, lute and theorbo

Past Artists

Christopher Morrongiello, lute
Sarah Cunningham, viola da gamba
Drew Minter, countertenor 
Jason Priset, lute and theorbo
David Belkovski, harpsichord and chamber organ
Carmen Johnson-Pájaro, baroque violin
Małgorzata Ziemnicka, violin*
John Mark Rozendaal, viola da gamba
Dongsok Shin, keyboards
Derek Lee Ragin, countertenor
Charles Reed, viola da gamba
Dongmyung Ahn, violin
Adam Young, viola da gamba
Jonathan Luik, viola da gamba

Mears viol

*Founding member

Abendmusik, New York’s Early Music String Band, showcases the rarely-performed repertoire from the 17th and early 18th centuries composed for string consort. The term “Abendmusik” refers to the free concert series established by the organist Franz Tunder in Lübeck churches in the 17th century. It was cultivated further by North German composer Dieterich Buxtehude in the early 18th century. Historically, Abendmusik programs featured sacred and secular vocal and instrumental solo and chamber works, as well as solo organ. The series became so popular, as a result of the free admission and the featured compositions, that it grew into a respectable cultural institution.

The string band, Abendmusik explores music from both western and eastern Europe (Italy, the Hapsburg Empire of Austria and Spain, Kroměřiž in Moravia, Poland, Holland, England, Denmark and France) on period instruments.


The blending of styles" was a well-thought program concept. I was particularly impressed by the violinists sensitivity to 'gamba consort style' and the several solos, duets and trios that allowed each of you to shine. - Frederick Renz, Director, Early Music New York

Awesome concert: intense, beautifully played to a rapt audience. Was especially impressed by the blend achieved by the two violins with the consort of four viols. White is complicated and maybe underappreciated but quite wonderful in his own universe. Loved the interspersing of a bit of Byrd and others to kind of clear the palate for more White. Performers were totally in the zone tonight! – Nancy Tooney

The Abendmusik String Ensemble, here a six-person consort of viols, alternated with mostly a cappella singing by the five-person Cathedra Ensemble in music by Byrd, some of it expressly written for a Mass. The viols provided rich readings of Byrd's instrumental music, resounding, like the voices, magnificently in the long narrow (and dark) tunnel that runs the length of the damp catacombs. - Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

Whyte Noyse - The Complete Consorts of William Whyte - MSR Classics - "Abendmusik’s musicianship proves equally high. From the robust, six-part Pavan that begins the album, to the wistful Fantasia that marks its conclusion, the balance between voices proves excellent, the articulation crisp, and the musical shaping impeccable. If the term “consort” can be understood not merely as a prescribed instrumentation, but rather as an ideal for immaculately-blended sound, then these players are indeed a true consort.

Although consort music generally prizes sensitivity and musicianship over virtuosity, Whyte still offers plenty of moments to show off—and Abendmusik’s musicians deliver. While he can write tightly-knit polyphony as well as anyone, Whyte has a tendency to veer off into intimate, lengthy, and highly-exposed paired duets. This constant shift of voicing generates an alluring variety of musical textures and moods, all skillfully elucidated in this recording. - Jacob Jahiel for Early Music America

Abendmusik releases "Whyte Noyse" the Complete Consorts of William Whyte (1571-1634) - MSR Classics

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other media platforms and in CD format on Amazon, or MSR Records

Complete Early Music America Review of Whyte Noyse

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Fantasia a5 "Diapente" - William Whyte, Whyte Noyse, MSR Classics

You Tube Videos: 360 camera (move screen around with cursor to focus on individual players)